What Does BTTS Mean?

BTTS is for Both Teams To Score, but if you see BTS, it means the same. Basically this betting option has two outcomes, yes and no, with yes winning if both teams manage to score at least one goal in the regular time. In general, this is a popular betting option and it is mostly preferred by pre-match bettors. Sometimes this betting market is lacking in liquidity on Betfair, but if you want, you can place your BTTS bets with a normal bookie, like Bet365. If you stick to Betfair, you can also consider dutching the BTTS scorelines on the correct score market.

What’s The Probability of BTTS?

When we take a look at our database, we can see that 51.5% of the games finished with a BTTS scoreline. That’s really close to a coin flip, just like an over/under 2.5 goals bet. Looking at the home and away team scored %, we can see that the home team scored in 76.2%, while the away side scored only in 67.2% of the time.

both teams to score probability

How to Predict BTTS?

When you prepare your football tips,  the smartest thing to start with is looking at the betting stats. We provide a very wide range of stats here at Goalstatistics, and we will discuss the most important ones from BTTS perspective.


No surprise here, this will be one of the most important stats in order to be able to predict the outcome of a bot teams to score bet. Ideally, you try to find two teams with a high BTTS%. As the away teams are scoring less often, you should pay extra attention on the away side’s statistics. More on this a bit later!

Over 2.5 Goals %

If you recall our analysis on the over 2.5 betting market, we mentioned that the success of Over 2.5 and BTTS tips are correlating heavily. Why? Because the only both teams to score scoreline which is not over 2.5 is 1-1. Other than that, when both sides score, there are at least 3 goals on a match. Basically, when a game ends with over 2.5, Both Teams To Score option will win 79% of the time. Of course, you can find outliers, but most of the time the over 2.5 % and BTTS % will be close to each other.

Over 1.5 Goals %

As 1-1 is a very likely scoreline, you can’t disregard the over 1.5 % when it comes to predicting BTTS. In order to win with your both teams to score bet, you’ll need at least two goals, so make sure you pay attention to this stat too. When it comes to weighting, you should definitely wight toward the over 2.5%, but you should take a look at this statistics too.

Away Team Scored % & Home Team Conceded %

We mention this last, but actually these stats can be decisive when it comes to place a BTTS bet or not. Now, you probably ask why? Let us explain… As we said earlier, away teams are less likely to score, so you want to want to maximize the chance they will score. Numbers say if the away team scores, there is 76.% probability that both teams will score. It means that you’ll lose your bet only 23.4% of the time. When the home teams are scoring, BTTS wins “only” in 67.5% of the time – that’s a significant difference. Of course, you can’t ignore the home teams’s scoring related stats either. When you are looking at these statistics, make sure you weight toward the away side.

btts probability if home team scores
btts probability if away team scores


Both Teams To Score is a fun and entertaining way of betting – not coincidentally. Apparently, the away goal is the key to this market, so whenever you want to bet on BTTS, consider the stats above, and don’t forget to pay a bit more attention to the away team’s statistics. Remember, being selective is also important, as there are plenty of games each day to bet on.


BTTS Tips and Stats
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