If you ask the teams before the season where will they stand at the 27th round when they play against each other, probably they wouldn’t pick the 11th and the 10th spot. All in all, it’s not gonna be the most glorious season for any of these teams.

On the other hand, the Gunners are unbeaten in their last 6 Premier League games, but they have only 2 wins.  Everton is also unbeaten for 5 games, in addition they managed to win 3 times in this period.

From a football trading perspective, this match is mostly interesting because of lay the draw opportunity. In fact, this is one of the best spots from the 60th minute onward today, at least on paper.

arsenal-everton lay the draw

Arsenal had 4 home matches this season in this situation, 3 of them produced at least one goal by the final whistle. Everton has a more decent sample size with their away games. They played 8 when the score was a draw at the 60th minute, 6 of them has seen at least one more goal.

Make sure you keep an eye on this, and if there is an opportunity with an action packed game, feel free to lay the draw.


Interestingly, the Italian federation decided to postpone 3 matches today, but at the moment it looks like this one will be played.

These teams are in opposing forms, as Roma managed to lose 3 in a row, so now they are 6 points behind Atalanta for the Champions League spot. On the other hand, Lecce managed to win 3 times in a row, including a 3-2 victory in Naples.

This game is quite interesting from a first half goal point of view. Looking at the prematch stats, both teams has an 83% over 0.5 rate, which is quite good compared to the league average of 73%.

roma-lecce first half statistics

Even better, it looks like you can wait with this one to enter the markets. These teams are not the ones that scores early. Roma’s home matches produced only 4 goals in the first 15 minutes, while Lecce’s away games seen only 2 early scores.

If you look at the 20th minute 0-0 stats, you can see that the HT over 0.5 percentages still sits high in this one. If it’s 0-0 at the 20th minute mark, 71% of Roma’s home games has seen a goal by the halftime. On the other side, Lecce had 8 games like this away from home, 6 of them produced a goal before the break.

If you trade football in play today, make sure you mark this one and watch it for 20 minutes. If there is enough action, you can go for a goal in the first half.


This one is from Romania, but Betfair liquidity shouldn’t be at the point when we plan to enter the markets.

Viitorul is a clear home favorite in this one, as they really-really need the 3 points today. They are at the edge between the championship and the relegation group. On the other hand, Clinceni has nothing to play for, as they are in the 13th position out of 14 teams.

In this one, we will target a late goal (after the 75th minute) if the home team has the lead. Let’s see why.

viitorul-clinceni 75th minute stats

Viitorul was quite an interesting team from a football trading perspective this season when they played at home. All in all, they had it 8 times, and 7 of these matches produced a goal in the last 15 minutes. On the other hand, when Clinceni was losing away at the 75th minute, 6 out of 7 times we have seen at least one more goal.

As you can see, this is quite a strong entry point based on stats, but… This one is also special, as the 3 point is really-really crucial for the home side. This is why we suggest to follow the match closely and take a look at the home team. If they have the lead and play it safe, feel free to skip this one. On the other hand, if there is enough action, you can take a chance in this one.

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