Football Trading Plans – Introduction

We at Goalstatistics strongly believe that you need to have a football trading plan in order to succeed on the betting exchanges. Therefore we regularly publish free trading plans to give you an insight on how to approach a match both before the kick-off and in play. On this page, you can find an archive of the football trading plans, that you can check anytime.

The real value of these trading plans is the analysis of the most frequent in-play scenarios, where you can explore how each team behaves under certain circumstances. At first read, these statistics might be difficult to understand, so we also wrote an article about how to understand our football trading plans. If you are new to Goalstatistics, we strongly suggest to start with this piece.

In the trading plans, we always try to show which strategies would we use in certain sports, and you can always read an explanation to that too. Last, but not least you can always find a direct link to the suggested football trading strategies, so we make sure you pick up additional knowledge while reading.

Create Your Own Football Trading Plans

Don’t forget, our daily football stats are covering more than 120 leagues and 30 000 matches each year. Register now for free and create your own trading plans for each game. You can check the full coverage here.

Enjoy the readings and good luck at the markets!

Tuesday football trading ideas

28/06 Trading Ideas

This Sunday we are analyzing Villarreal-Valencia, Bristol City-Sheffield Wed. and the Numancia-Oviedo clashes. Take a look at the best betting spots!

Tuesday football trading ideas

21/06 Trading Ideas

We are focusing on Bundesliga 2 and the Spanish La Liga this Sunday.

Tuesday football trading ideas

14/06 Trading Ideas

We have some great games this Sunday, this time we decided to analyze three of those!

Tuesday football trading ideas

13/06 Trading Ideas

A Frankfurt lead against Hertha could lead to more goals, but we also have a strong LTD entry in Belarus.

Tuesday football trading ideas

10/06 Trading Ideas

This Wednesday we take a look at the best football trading spots from Austria, Germany, and Czech Republic.

Tuesday football trading ideas

06/06 Trading Ideas

This time we have two strong in-play trading spots in Germany and one in South Korea.

Tuesday football trading ideas

31/05 Trading Ideas

In today's preview, we analyze three entry points. We have two games from Germany and one from Belarus.

Tuesday football trading ideas

29/05 Trading Ideas

In today's preview, we focus on Bundesliga 1 and Czech 2nd Division. We return to Freiburg, hoping for a 3rd winner with them this week.

Tuesday football trading ideas

26/05 Trading Ideas

In today's preview, we focus on Bundesliga 1 and 2. Make sure you keep an eye on the Frankfurt-Freiburg match!

Konyaspor-Fenerbahce trading plan

14/03 Konyaspor-Fenerbahce

Turkey still stands, so we look for some trading opportunities in the Konyaspor-Fenerbahce match.

Lille-Lyon football trading plan

08/03 Lille-Lyon

Check out our football trading plan for Lille-Lyon and find the best spots to trade this exciting match from France!

Hull City-Barnsley trading preview

26/02 Hull City-Barnsley

We analyze the Hull City-Barnsley clash from the midweek round of the Championship! Take a look at the best spots of this one.

Sunday Preview

23/02 Sunday Preview

This Sunday we try to find three very strong in play trading spots, take a look at it and make sure you follow these games.

Betis-Mallorca football trading

21/02 Betis-Mallorca

The 25th round of Primera Division starts with an interesting match from a trader's perspective. Let's see why!

Manchester City-West Ham United preview

19/02 Manchester City-West Ham

Our idea is to be contradictional in this one, read this preview and find out what's our trading plan!

Augsburg-Freiburg Betting / Trading preview

15/02 Augsburg-Freiburg

Looking for the best First Half Goal spot today? You have found it! Read our analysis on Augsburg-Freiburg now.

Wolves-Leicester Betting Preview

14/02 Wolverhampton-Leicester

The 26th round of Premier League starts with an interesting match. Check this article for the best betting / trading spots available.

09/02 Montpellier-St. Etienne

Odds on Over 2.5 is fairly high, we try to figure out why, and provide you with the best trading angles in this one!

08/02 Famalicao-Guimaraes

Let's see what's the best scenario for a first half goal, and when do we expect second half goals on Famalicao-Guimaraes!

07/02 Sandhausen-Heidenheim

Seems like it won't be an easy Friday from a trading perspective, but we have a couple of ideas for the Bundesliga 2 clash between Sandhausen and Heidenheim!

Monaco-Angers Betting and Trading Preview

04/02 Monaco-Angers

Pray for halftime home lead and chase the goals! Let's take a look at the best live betting spots of Monaco-Angers!​

Bochum-Hamburg Trading Plan

03/02 Bochum-Hamburg

Check out the best betting and trading spots for the clash between Bochum and Hamburg from the 20th round of Bundesliga 2!

Nice-Lyon betting

02/02 Nice-Lyon

In the 22nd round of French Ligue 1 Nice will host Lyon on Sunday afternoon. Read this article and find the best trading spots!

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