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What's Included In The Daily Football Stats?

Currently, in our daily football stats, we cover 7 different stages of a football match, divided across 9 groups, with all the categories broken down for the past calendar year and season to date for easier identification of team trends. Last, but not least, most of the stats include league average and significant difference is highlighted with colors.

In general, you can find our stats on-site at the Daily Match Statistics page. Our registered members can also download an excel sheet, including data for the upcoming games. Registration is currently free.

To begin with, we always filter the data, which means you can see the specific stats for the home team only from games they played at home, and for the away team only from games that they played away. Additionally, the same logic applied for the different game situations: would you like to know how often Juve scores at least two goals in the second half, when they are losing in half time at home? It’s all included!

Let’s see the available stat groups one by one:

League Coverage

We at Goalstatistics believe the more leagues you cover, the easier to find value – therefore, in your daily football data sheets you can find detailed statistics for both prematch & live betting for more than 120 leagues around the world.

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