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We at Goalstatistics know that it is quite difficult to analyze every single match each day. Why? Because most of the times you need to use multiple sites to find all the relevant data. This is why we decided to collect and deliver it every single day. Our stats are available on-site, but registered members can download it in an easy-to-use excel format too. Registration is currently free.

Want to see the most relevant stats for a match at a glance? You are in the best place!

Our Daily Football Stats page is designed to ensure you have all the stats you need just one click away. Simply click on the “Stats” button next to a match, and you’ll be served with more than 800 data points for each game. This includes basic pre-match stats and situational in-play statistics too. By using these metrics, you’ll exactly know what to expect from certain teams under certain circumstances! As this amount of data can be difficult to digest, we have created a dedicated page where you can explore how to use our stats.

On top of that, you can find an analyzer tab in our downloadable daily football datasheets.  You only need to enter the fixture ID, and everything is ready within a second.

Create your own shortlists within minutes

Do you prefer a certain match scenario or strategy? No problem, if you’re a registered member, you can download the Goalstatistics daily football datasheets. Simply set up your filters in the excel sheet, and your shortlist is ready within a second.

Adjust your trading strategy to the game scenario

Although we are in 2020, we still can’t find relevant data for live betting on any websites, therefore we decided to generate them. Imagine the following situation: a heavy underdog leads at halftime. It’s easy to say that the favorite can turn the game around and might end up winning it, but without long research, you can’t tell how often they scored at least two goals (or how often the underdog conceded two) in the second half. With our daily football stats, it’s no longer a problem, as we cover these situations and many-many more.

We cover more than 120 football leagues

We want to make sure you can find information on as many leagues as possible, therefore we cover more than 120 competitions. Apparently it is easier to find value in the smaller leagues, but it is also very difficult to find relevant data for these ones. This is no longer an issue, as we provide everything you need! For full coverage, check our what’s included page.

Free strategy advice

Unless many sites, we do believe sharing is caring. Therefore, we created a dedicated page, where you can find all our in-depth strategy articles. On top of that, we regularly publish free trading plans, where you can take a look at our betting / trading ideas for certain matches.

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